School of Medicine building on the Duluth campusThe Department of Biomedical Sciences contributes to the mission of the University of Minnesota Duluth campus to be a leader in:

  • educating physicians dedicated to family medicine,
  • to serve the healthcare needs of rural Minnesota and American Indian communities,
  • and discover and disseminate knowledge through research

The Biomedical Sciences Department engages fully in the mission through research with a cadre of experts in the wide range of topics required to be taught during years one and two of the medical school curriculum.

Research Seminar Series

This series is a joint venture by Medical School, Duluth campus and College of Pharmacy, Duluth campus.  During the academic year, seminars are held on Wednesdays of each month at 3:30 p.m. in Room 130 Medical School Duluth.

AHC Duluth Research Seminar Series


News and Notes

Aubie K. Shaw, PhD
September 8, 2015

Brazilian Societyof ProtozoologyRepresenting the Zimmer Lab, Dr. Shaw is going to Brazil!

Terri Rose-Hellekant, PhD & Goran Hellekant, PhD
July 14, 2015

Chemical Senses June 2015

CALHM1 Deletion in Mice Affects Glossopharyngeal Taste Responses, Food Intake, Body Weight and Life Span – Chemical Senses (doi:10.1093/chemse/bvj009)  2015

Jean Regal, PhD & Jeff Gilbert, PhD
July 14, 2015

Molecular Immunology

The Complement System and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes -- Molecular Immunology September 2015, Vol 76, Issue 1 (pp. 56-70)

Dr. Lynne Bemis -13th Annual Disparities in Health In America Workshop Speaker
June 25, 2015

Dr.Bemis' TalkFor the seventh consecutive year, Dr. Lynne Bemis has been an invited Speaker at the 13th Annual Disparities in Health In America Workshop speaking on “Genetic Education for Native Americans”. The meeting is at A&M University in Houston, June 22-27.

Dr. Lynne Bemis 2015 Innovations Research Grant Award Winner
June 25, 2015

From 103 applicants, Dr. Bemis is funded for “Mechanisms of Vitamin C”.